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Post  BuN on Tue Nov 20, 2007 12:08 pm

Chinese Name: Yiu Wui Kong
Nickname: Bun
English Name: Peter Yiu
Age: 21
Sex: Male
D.O.B.: 3/10/1986
Place of Birth: Hong Kong, China
Current location: Brisbane, Australia
Current Occupation: Doing bachelor of I.T. in University of Queensland
Chinese Zodiac: Tiger
Blood type: O
Countries/areas visited: Mainland, China; Macau; Maldive; the USA; Australia; Japan; Sri Lanka
Religion: atheist, even though looking forward to having a God sometimes

Favourite hobbies: Starcraft;
Read news on the internet;
surf on youtube, yahoo knowledge board, starcraftdream forum
Listen to songs;
Watch movies in cinema;
Hang out with friends;
self teaching;
book reading;
Watch chinese TV series, particularly the ones about ancient emperors of China;

Favourite food: Lemon chicken wings;
Shanghai Crabs;
Chinese JiaoZi with ZhengJiang vinegar;
Peanut noodles; (noodles with mix of seasoning: vinegar, salt, chilly sauce, garlics, peanut)
Any expensive seafood: oysters, lobsters, abalone, crabs, prawns, fish
salmon sashimi
Soup (it's like my life, can't live without it)

Favourite fast food restaurants: Hungry Jack's - Bacon deluxe particularly
Pizza Hut - honey soy sauce chicken wings, super supreme with deep pan sauce

Favourite movies: the Last Samurai; Click; X-man 3; StarwarsIII; spiderman; Matrix(first one); Hero; Fearless;
Titanics; Ratatooi

Favourite TV series: the dynasty of Kan Xi; the dynasty of Qiang Long; The dynasty of Yong Zheng;
Han Wu Da Di; the dynasty of Ming; Rong Gui;

Favourite sports: Badminton; Table Tennis, swimming

People I like: People that are friendly, and show respect to others

People I hate: people who are Arrogant; selfish; rude manner; constantly use swearing words;
impatient to help others; deny their origin of being Chinese; commit any crimes;
ignore other people's existance; young people without amibitions


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