I arrived in Shanghai

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I arrived in Shanghai

Post  BuN on Tue Nov 20, 2007 10:28 am

After ten hours of long, tiring flight, I have finally arrived in Shanghai.
There were some troubles during my trip though.

Firstly, there was a long queue at the Brisbane airport. My flight was supposed to depart at 10:55AM, and I was still waiting for check-in at half past ten, there were still two lines of people waiting before me. It was a pretty bad arrangement on the behalf of Qantas, and I must say I wasn't happy about this. Even the time was almost up for taking off, the staff at the counters were very "calm", as if nothing was happening. For a few times, I doubted if I was waiting at the "wrong" queue for another flight.

Secondly, or consequently, I should say. The plane was behind schedule and arrived late in Hong Kong, I had to rush for an alternative flight(DragonAir) they later arranged for me, instead of the original Qantas plane to Shanghai, which results in the delay of my luggage, that it wasn't transfered to Shanghai with me at the same pace. But, it is cool in a way, since I no longer needed to wait 2 hours for the transition at the Hong Kong airport. However, I did spend almost an hour trying to wait for my luggage at Pu Dong Airport, in which it never appeared. I later had to fill out the form at the baggage information desk, in which they promised to deliever to my house after it was arrived.

It wasn't a 100% smooth trip, but it was quite an experience.
But the most important part is, I could finally see my family again, and I was very happy to be home. My Mum made the house as clean as it could possibly be, and I can now enjoy some delicious home food, and spend more time with my family.



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